TACT Charter

The Arts & Civics Table (TACT), is a not-for-profit dedicated to the promotion of civic engagement between citizens and Government. We promote alternative, non-partisan means of engaging with society without the rancor and bitterness that often characterize passionate discussions.Freedom of expression is an important tenet of democracy: The people must be able to hold government accountable, the rule of law must be upheld, freedom of belief, of association, and expression must be guaranteed and respected, even for minorities. Without these freedoms, democracy is in grave danger.One important way by which democracy and governance can be improved is through constructive civicengagement, targeted and sustained civic education, and constant dialogue. Citizens need to freely participate in civic discussions amongst themselves, and with the government. Our nation needs mirrors for self-reflective discussions, in order to not only recognize when we succeed but also when we err, and to make amends for a better society.This is why The Arts & Civics Table (TACT) Organisation was born.With the belief that “We, the people, have the right to participate in shaping our societies”, we bring the table around which meaningful civic engagement can happen, aiming to transform society by facilitating dialog between citizens and Government. The aims and objectives of our Organisation are:1. To develop and encourage a civic engagement culture that would facilitate citizen participation or enhance involvement in the civic process.2. To promote awareness of personal and civic rights and responsibilities and encourage participation in civic education programs.3. To encourage and facilitate individual and collective action towards identifying, discussing/debating and addressing issues of public concern.4. To foster a positive sense of community and citizenship across the country.5. To promote the use of satire, parody, and humour as tools for discussion, criticism, and general communication in discussing matters of public concern.6. To organise and promote various arts, civics, and culture events in furtherance of the above aims and values.7. To do all such other lawful things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.The Nigerian Satire Festival is one of our programmes for achieving the aforestated goals. The festival is an annual event aimed at exposing societal ills through the use of wit and humour. Cases abound in history of satirical art’s role in deepening and advancing democracy. Through the Nigerian Satire Festival, we aim to bring important issues to the attention of everyone, including political decision makers who are sometimes insulated from societal realities. We believe that by openness to dissident viewpoints, by tutoring and showing examples of civil and constructive criticism, the art of tolerance and dialogue can become the norm, thereby evolving a better and more tolerant society.

Guidelines & Standards for Satire Festival Speakers, Performers, & Presenters

TACT is the watchword.


noun / 'takt /

Definition - a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense.
1. Language must be clean, civil, and respectful.
2. Assertions and claims must be factual.
3. Propositions must be non-discriminatory and non-divisive
4. Viewpoints must be representative, diverse and considerate.
5. The focus must be on solutions, improvements, progress and harmony.Watch out for more of our programmes, involving Community, Education, Partnership, Voter Registration Drive, and Social Media engagement. Visit www.tactnigeria.orgto see how you can sit with us at the table.